SCHOOL No. 65699                                                                         GOSPUR ROAD, DALSINGHSARAI
      AFFILIATED TO C.B.S.E, DELHI, UP TO 10 + 2                                SAMASTIPUR, BIHAR - 848114
      AFFILIATION No. 330702
The primary aim of institutin is to import education and develop in its student an integrated personality of a well adjusted person, board minded and cinfident, ready to face challanges in every walk of life
The institution gives education through play way method like story telling with help of pictures arts and craft paper writing, audio visuals, nature etc. a part of classroom teaching.
The Minimum age for Admission is as Follows.
Montessari : 2.5 Years
Pre-Nursery : 3.5 Years
nursery : 4 Years and above
Prep : 5 Years and above
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ST. STEPHEN'S School Developing into an Internationaly recognized Centre Of excelleance for Providing quality education. The Sole aim behind the initiative is to develope the overall Personality of the future citizen of the nation. This will Produce the creative talents of the students and help in creativity with other students of the school as well as the members of the Society.
Our endeavour to disseminate the information collected, Knowledge Produce and wisdom generated by our young learners may be engaged in the persuit of truth under the enlightend guidance of our able teachers. This mission will be effective Communication between the teachers and the Parents.