School No. 65699,                                                                                       gospur road, Dalsing Sarai,
      Affiliated to C.B.S.E, Delhi, Up to 10 + 2                                                 Samastipur, Bihar - 848114
      Affiliation No. 330702,
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Gospur Road, P.O: Dalsing Sarai,

Samastipur, Bihar

Bihar-848114 (India)

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Call : 9006770233,+91-93089571404

who we are
ST. STEPHEN'S SCHOOL Developing into an Internationaly recognized Centre Of excelleance for Providing quality education. The Sole aim behind the initiative is to develope the overall Personality of the future citizen of the nation. This will Produce the creative talents of the students and help in creativity with other students of the school as well as the members of the Society.

Although the past years are not enough to count our achievements. Every year all the students showed satisfactory result in various fields.